osgood levels

From a beginner to native speaker

Fledglings Level

The fledgling level is a unique group assigned for first graders. The children are taught the first basic blocks of the language; the abc, vowels and phonetics. They also learn new vocabulary through creative and fun activities.


Butterflies Level

The butterflies level is our beginners level. It is divided into two levels: Butterflies and Butterflies Advanced. The Butterflies Level focuses and reviews the first building blocks of the English language and leads to Butterflies Advanced. The Butterflies Advanced Level consists of our four basic stories which captures the primary words of the English language. Also, our students enhance vocabulary based on subjects.


Owls Level

The Owls Level is fit for students who have acquired a strong base and are prepared to enhance their vocabulary and advance in reading.
We help our students build strong writing abilities where their sentences grow into stories. Grammar is taught and implemented into our stories, and our students gain more confidence to speak using new and old vocabulary.


Eagles Level

Students who enter The Eagles Level are required to practice their speaking fluency and self-expression in English.
In the Eagles Level, grammar and vocabulary are more advanced. Our students read unseens, and grow a a stronger understanding of the English language.


Ravens Level

The Ravens Level follows the Eagles Level. Our students continue to practice and enhance their vocabulary and English skills. They learn to write paragraphs and articles and improve on their overall fluency.


Foxes Level

Students who reach The Foxes Level have a strong understanding of the English language and are English speakers. Our students practice and maintain their English skills while they acquire new vocabulay. The Foxes Level stands out as it consists of fascinating articles, writing activities, debates and philisophical discussions. The Foxes Level reviews 12 tenses through stories and activities.


Leopards Level

The Leopards Level consists of different aspects of writing activities, interesting articles, English literature, and poetry. Our students practice and improve their speech and writing skills as they develop new techniques and learn new vocabulary.