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About Our School
Confidence is our first priority, based on strong vocabulary
Osgood is a Canadian English language school for children that uses a unique education method developed by Noy Talmon, a Canadian Olah and the founder of Osgood.
Osgood teaches English to first – eight graders with a unique curriculum which is very carefully constructed, emphasizing the individual student and his/her learning experience. The students learning groups are divided into specific assigned levels according to their age and learning skills.
Osgood English School wishes to bring students to an English speaking level. Classes are held once a week each for one hour. The students are divided into five level groups in accordance with an initial assessment done at a meeting with the program director. The study groups are small with the teaching method focusing on long term memory; vocabulary, speech and reading of the various aspects of the language. Each student gets his own textbook written specifically for the school.
Studying in small groups provides the children with the ideal environment to learn from one another, enhance their motivation, and eventually work together using English in their conversations, dialogues, writing, and group activities.
The annual program includes enrichment workshops, and small home chores that also involve the parents in their child’s learning process. The program also includes, as part of the empowering experience, access for each student to the Osgood website. The Osgood website is specially designed to include various assignments such as writing book-reports, and a variety of games especially tailored to each level to allow vocabulary practice according to the lesson learned.
The Osgood School has a team of skilled and professional teachers as well as teaching assistants and teachers’ aides to help the students when needed.