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Welcome to Osgood English School

About Our School
Confidence is our first priority, based on strong vocabulary
Osgood is a Canadian school with Canadian culture and characteristics. English is our mother tongue and our goal is to give Israeli children the ability to become native. We have vast amount of experience in Israel and Canada, regular and special education and child assessments. This helped us built our own successful technique that touches all the aspects of the English language through creativity, cooperation and group effort.
Since we believe in diversity and individuality, our teachers are trained to teach in various creative ways to encompass all of our pupils and create a suitable environment for everybody.
Learning in groups gives children the ability to learn from one another, enhance motivation, and eventually work together using English as the main language through dialogues, writing, and group activities.
Our objective is to integrate English in the Israeli culture and allow our pupils to grow and become native by building confidence and enhancing vocabulary and fluency.